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How to choose a forklift?

Aug 8,2020

1. The user should correctly use all types of forklifts based on the following specific conditions.

a. Use site and work space;
b. Operating environment, air quality, temperature, pavement and ground bearing capacity, obstacles in the air and surrounding springboards and loading platform conditions, etc.;
c. Operating cycle, running distance and running speed, maximum stacking height and lifting speed;
d. Load situation: the type and variety of goods, size, shape and maximum weight;
e. The degree of busy work;

f. Operating personnel: the operating level of the driver, the habit and experience of using the forklift, the maintenance, maintenance and repair of the driver and maintenance personnel;

2. Correctly understand the relationship between forklift lifting capacity and load center. Generally speaking, the lifting capacity of a forklift is the maximum lifting capacity under the condition of the index load center. The load center is related to the shape, size, and center of gravity position of the cargo. The lifting capacity decreases with the increase of the load center. The lifting height also affects the lifting capacity, and the use of various attachments also reduces the lifting capacity to varying degrees.

3. Under normal circumstances, choose a standard forklift, that is, the lifting weight under the standard load center, the standard lifting height and the standard fork length. According to the different types of goods and the needs of users, you can choose masts with different lifting heights, forks with different lengths, and various attachments such as side shifters, rotating clamps, and soft holding clamps. It can also be equipped with solid tires, etc.

4. Internal combustion counterbalanced forklifts are generally used for outdoor use, like nor diesel forklift truck, gasoline forklift truck and LPG forklift truck, small wheelbase forklifts can be used for better roads, and electric forklift trucks are generally used for indoor storage, mainly used in warehouses, supermarkets, and distribution centers. Forklifts can choose reach truck forklifts and electric pallet trucks, electric stacker trucks, and cold storage battery counterbalance forklifts can be used for cold storage.

5. Forklifts that need to enter the container operation generally use 1-2.5t 2 stage full free lift forklifts with side shifters.

6. In food and beverage enterprises and units with sufficient supply of liquid oxygen energy, such as gasoline forklifts, LPG forklifts can be used or modified. (Currently mainly used for imported gasoline engines)

7. Explosion-proof internal combustion forklifts can be used in petrochemical, military, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, aerosol, cosmetics and other industrial sectors, as well as dangerous goods cargo stations, warehouses and other places where explosive mixtures are present.

8. The user should be careful not to use the forklift to work under full load. The weight of a large number of cargoes should be lower than the maximum lifting capacity of the forklift. For example, the weight of the cargo that is frequently moved is 2t. Sometimes it is recommended to choose a 2.5t forklift for 2.1t-2.2t. Try not to choose a 2t forklift.

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