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Forklift attachments

Aug 24,2020

Forklift attachments, also known as multiple devices, are highly efficient equipment for automated loading and unloading, stacking and handling. It is a good tool for multi-purpose forklift trucks. Improve and make up for the performance of forklifts to meet the complex and diversified needs of modern logistics, warehousing and handling. Forklift attachments have the characteristics of high productivity, damage reduction, and safety. It is widely used in papermaking, packaging, printing, petroleum, chemical, construction, smelting, electronics, beverage, hardware, automobile manufacturing, storage, tobacco, military and other industries.


1.Paper roll clamp: adjustable short arm type; fixed short arm type
The paper roll clamp can carry out efficient, safe, and undamaged handling and stacking operations on the paper roll, and can clamp the paper roll for continuous 360-degree rotation. Convenient for paper roll exchange operations. It is widely used in papermaking, carton, packaging, printing, port and other industries to carry and stack various paper rolls without pallet.

2.General attachments: soft bag clips, multi-purpose flat clips, carton clips, bucket clips, brick clips, etc.
The most representative general-purpose clamps are soft bales, which can safely and efficiently transport various forms of soft bags, such as cotton, textile, wool, pulp, waste paper, hay, and industrial scraps. . It is suitable for non-tray handling and stacking of various paper rolls in papermaking, textile, chemical fiber, waste paper recycling and other industries.

3 .Rotator
The rotator can quickly flip containers and objects that need to be rotated or flipped 360 degrees, and is widely used in food, chemical, sanitation, recycling, smelting and casting industries.

4 .Pallet handling attachments: sideshifter, adjustable forks, single and double pallet forks, etc.
The side shifter is the most commonly used attachment installed in forklifts. The side shifter helps the goods on the forks to move laterally by 100mm or 150mm, which facilitates the forklift and stacking of goods, and greatly improves the flexibility of the forklift. Sex and work efficiency. Suitable for various forklift operations.

5. Palletless handling attachments: carton clamps, push-pulls, ejectors
The ejector is suitable for bagged goods such as fertilizer, feed, grain flour, salt, cement, etc.

6.Hydraulic supply group (Hydraulic supply group)

All these attachments can be equipped on our diesel forklift trucks, gasoline forklift trucks and electric forklift trucks.

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Leave a message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.